Custom Feed Cart

Who doesn’t want to save time, be more efficient, make feeding their calves at the feed yard? This Custom Feed Truck is was designed to do just that. To make your life easier. To make morning feeding easier. To cut down on cost and be more productive! We have designed this feed cart for the dairyman, rancher, cattle man in mind! We would love to show you how this machine can save you time!

Calf Feeding Cart

This calf feeder is designed to save time and labor! The Custom Feed Truck is 1 man operated and is about 30% more efficient than any other conventional feed cart. The feed wagon comes in either a 5000 lb or 10000 lb machine, is built with a John Deere powered motor, and has a hydraulic drive system. The Calf Feeder is self propelled and is made in Clovis, NM USA!

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